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Past Event: Founder Rob Hopkins Talk at Tufts

On October 3, carpool with us to a conversation with Rob Hopkins, founder of the international Transition Towns Movement, to learn how communities across the country and around the world are transforming their economic, energy, and food systems from the … read more

Map that Fruit (and other Edibles)!

Falling Fruit is a mapping tool that, if it didn’t exist, we’d have to invent ourselves. Anyone can contribute to this map of with their finds and gifts of edibles, thus facilitating connections between people, food, and the natural organisms … read more

Sept. 21: Framingham Farms Tour

Transition Framingham has organized a fantastic Farm Tour. Visit Hanson’s, Stearns and Eastleigh Farms on Saturday September 21, from 1:30 – 4:15 pm. Meet at Hanson’s Farm and then learn about each farm’s unique contribution to the well-being of Framingham … read more

Past Event: GoBotany Walk

  The GoBotany Walk organized by Wayland Walks on 6 August was well received among the many participants. Elizabeth Farnsworth, Senior Research Ecologist at the  New England Wild Flower Society, led a short tour up Turkey Hill, behind the Church … read more