Past Event: Energy Exodus March

With the Energy Exodus: March from Coal to Cape Wind, turn away from a potent symbol of the fossil fuel infrastructure and march toward good green jobs, healthy communities, and local, renewable energy. You can join at any point along the six-day event, from August 28th to September 2nd.

The march commenced in Fall River, across from the Brayton Point coal plant, and will end on Cape Cod on Labor Day, where Bill Koch and his friends in Barnstable town government are holding up the construction of Cape Wind, the nation’s first offshore wind farm. It will conclude in front of the Barnstable Town Hall where hundreds will join in a rally to demonstrate the public support needed to finally make Cape Wind a reality.

You can sign-up and read more details about the march here at If you want to join, it’s best to fill out the registration form (here), so the organizers know how many to expect for the shuttles and lunch, and for their permitting, etc.

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