Transition Streets

NEW: Transition Streets Wayland

Some  Transition Wayland folks decided to try Transition Streets in their neighborhood and had a fabulous, well-attended first meeting. They got people to meet one another, explained the concept of Transition Streets, and addressed something on everyone’s mind (back then, and now): winter and emergency preparedness. Following their success, we invite everyone to check out how it works, and to contact us if you want to do something like this in your neighborhood. We have the handbook, all the materials available. We’ll keep you posted on how other groups do so as well. It’s the perfect project for when spring ramps up!

How it works: A handful of neighbors get together for several meetings (usually 7, but as with anything in Transition, it’s adaptable), during which they follow clear and easy steps in a user-friendly workbook that covers 5 topics: food, energy, water, transportation, and waste. The focus is on low-cost (or no-cost) actions that result in lowering both expenses and carbon footprint. This popular program has been very successful in Transition Town Totnes (in the UK) and beyond. Households cut their bills by an average of $900/year and reduce their carbon emissions by 1.3 tons. 

A short video for you:

Transition US, in partnership with communities across the country, brought Transition Streets to the US and adapted the UK handbook and materials to the US situation. It saves money and emissions, but most importantly it’s fun and you get to know your neighbors.