Past Events

March 2013

On Fri 3/22, all day long we gathered to paint A-frames and lawn signs and to design the map/flyer for Earth Day.

February 2013

On Tue. 2/27, Wayland Walks met to discuss the program.

On Mon. 2/26,a group of twelve humans and a dog enjoyed an hour-long nighttime walk in the Greenways Conservation area. The clouds hid the moon until the end, and then there came a howl of “mooo-OOOON” from all of us. This was a Wayland Walk walk

On Sun. 2/24, we enjoyed a potluck dinner while organizing Earth Day.

On Sunday, Feb. 17, seven Waylanders braved the cold and the wind to show their solidarity with fellow residents walking int he big rally in Washington DC, to ask the President to move the nation forward on climate. Covered in the Wayland Town Crier and Patch.

On Mon, Feb 11, Kaat drive to Bedford to talk to the good Transition Bedford folks about Solarizing. The room was packed with thoughtful and enthusiastic folk. They also expressed their admiration for the transition Wayland website (had to mention that)!

On Sun, Feb. 10, 2-7pm: Rev. Debbie Clark and Rabbi Katy Allen led an exploration of the meaning of hope and ways to maintain hope. At Open Spirit, on the Edwards Church campus in Framingham. Ten attended despite the three of snow and afterward enjoyed a potluck meal. If you missed it and would like for there to be another such workshop, let us know!

At the beginning of February we started sending out invitations to Earth Day 2013.

January 2012

On Sunday, Jan. 27, the Earth Day “Committee” adjourned at Traditions of Wayland for the first Earth Day 2013 Organizational meeting.

On Friday, Jan. 19, Wayland Walks met to discuss maps, games, grants.

On Friday, Jan. 14, Wayland Walks met with Brendan Decker, Wayland’s GIS coordinator, to talks maps.

On Sunday, Jan. 13, a TW delegation went to the Lexington Climate Solutions event.

December 2102

On Wednesday Dec.26, in the evening, TW met over dinner to discuss Earth Day plans as well as ideas for a co-op and lots more.

On Wednesday Dec.26, in the am, a group of TW “Seedies” met over breakfast to discuss and swap seeds and talk Spring!

On Thursday Dec. 13, Kaat joined the Energy Advisory Committee for the Cadmus Group “solar workshop” for municipal solar projects.

November 2012

On November 12, we joined others to preview the movie Bag It to see if it would be a good film to show as part of an effort to ban plastic bags.

On November 11,Wayland’s GIS coordinator, Brendan Decker, hosted the Wayland Walks team to discuss how we can work together to create the 375th map of Wayland Trails as well as a recreational website.

October 2012

On October 28, Transition Wayland’s Katy Allen, of Ma’yan Tikvah in Wayland, joined Bill McKibben, founder of the international movement will join Sr. Alice Laffey of Holy Cross, Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, President of the Mass. Conference of the United Church of Christ and Rt. Rev. Bud Cederholm, Bishop Suffragan, (retired) of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, and other faith community leaders to discuss what it means to build a movement with hope.

On October 20, 72 activists from 32 communities, among them Wayland, gathered for a whole day of connecting, sharing stories, and thinking about the resilience of our historic region. Read all about it here.

Solarize Wayland-Lincoln-Sudbury was extended for month, ending Nov. 4.

August 2012

Solarize Wayland-Lincoln-Sudbury was ongoing: On August 25, the Solarize team had a popular booth at the Wayland Whole Foods.

And on August 22, the Solarize team had a booth at the Wayland Farmer’s Market.

On August 7, Wayland Walks met to discuss the program.

September 2012

Solarize Wayland-Lincoln-Sudbury was ongoing: on September 15, the Solarize team held a well-attended “solar tour” in Wayland.

On September 12, Wayland Walks met to discuss the program.

On September 11, the Wayland BEElieve group met at the library to discuss Fall Hive Maintenance.

On September 8, the Solarize team held a well-attended “solar tour” in Sudbury.

July 2012

On July 24, 6:45-9 pm, we held a Household Energy Workshop at the Library. Seven people brought their energy bills and discussed how many kWh does our households use, how many therms and how many gallons of oil and water. We compared ourselves to the average American and the average European and considered where this electricity, gas and oil come from. Lastly we shared how we bring our consumption down with efficiency measures and small changes in lifestyle.

On July 14, in the am, many volunteers shared the pleasant work of planting the Hannah Williams Ecological Food Garden.

Solarize Wayland-Lincoln-Sudbury was ongoing.

June 2012

On Wed. June 27, 7 – 9 pm, we met to discuss past, present and future projects at the Wayland Library. Topic of the day was: energy!

On Tue. June 26, at the Library we screened The Economics of Happiness. It was a movie and a conversation, or rather the *beginning* of a conversation, for eleven of us.
On Tuesday, June 26, Katy led a walk in the Cow Common Conservation Area.

Solarize Wayland-Lincoln-Sudbury was ongoing.

May 2012

Solarize Wayland-Lincoln-Sudbury was ongoing.

On Wednesday May 23, Transition Wayland joined the 375th Anniversary Planning Committee to discuss outdoor and environmental activities and events for the year-long celebration in 2013-2014.

On Wed. May 23, we postponed the screening of the movie The Economics of Happiness to accommodate the schedules of interested parties.

On Tuesday, May 22, 4 pm, Katy led a (rainy) walk in Cow Common
On Friday, May 11, Katy led a Walk in Pinebrook Conservation Area.

On Saturday May 5, we Connected the Dots.

April 2012

In the month of April, BEElievers helped install eight new colonies in Wayland (and one in Weston, one in Framingham), with five new beekeepers.

On April 29, Andrea, Wen and Kaat spoke at the Green Sanctuary Service at First Parish. Read their remarks here.

In the meantime, Katy Allen led a walk in the Pinebrook Conservation Area.

Also on April 29, Transition Wayland had a booth and played the Climate Change Game (see photo) at Earth Day is Our Day, organized by Transition Wayland and the Wayland Schools Green Team. Over 60 exhibitors were joined by an estimated 400 visitors. And the weather helped!

In this month we also started applying for official status as a Transition Initiative and to become a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN)
On Sun., April 22, at 3 PM: Katy led a Trail Maintenance Walk through the Pine Brook Conservation Area.

April 3: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Transition Wayland!

On April 2, BEELievers installed the first new hive, a package of bees at one of the group’s members houses. Thanks to good weather and expert handling, the ladies made it safely into the hive. Foreseeing many stories, Kaat started the BEElieve Beekeepers Google Group where the group can share information and find support.

March 2012

On March 31, we went to Arlington to get a tour of two urban farms and a chicken coop, and then to listen to Frances Moore Lappe discuss her book, Ecomind, which we had previously read in our boobclub. (This event was sponsored by Transition Arlington, Sustainable Arlington, 1st Parish Green Sanctuary, & EcoFest.)

On Thursday March 29, eight intrepid friends of Transition joined to tackle the state of the world here in Wayland. Wonderful conversation, empowering, support, and the best spread of vegetarian food. We thank the Church of the Holy Spirit for hosting our potluck at such short notice!

On Sunday, March 26 several of us carpooled to hear the incomparable Bill McKibben speak to a full auditorium at the Weston Congregational Church. Afterwards, we also attended a forum with many people active on climate change in the Metrowest. More images on the CCW Environmental Action Group Facebook page if that’s where you like to hang out. or read about it in the Weston Patch.

On March 20, Katy led another walk in the loker Conservation Area. Read the tale and see some images in her blogpost on Wayland Voices. More info Waylands Walks.

On Friday, March 9, Katy Loker lead a walk in the Loker Conservation Area. She blogged about it on Wayland Voices.

In the evening on March 8, the BEElieve group met for a Getting Started meeting, where they went over everything that needs to be ordered, bought or built in order to keep bees this year. We thank Traditions of Wayland for hosting us!

On March 7, Kaat opened her hive for several BEElievers. Read her blog post!

February 2012

On Saturday, Feb 25, Katy led a walk in the Snake Brook Conservation Area.

On Feb.16 we held our long awaited first BEElieve meeting. Twelve people (that’s a whopping .1% of Wayland’s population!) came and we talked bees! Check the Town Crier article and also our BEElieve page for LOTS of information about local bees and suppliers, and how to get started. Many thanks to Traditions of Wayland for hosting us!

On Feb. 8, 7 pm, Katy led a Full Moon walk through the Greenways Conservation Area.

Feb. 8, was a busy day. Some of us visited the Weston Library for Weston Talks Trash. We got lots of great ideas for putting up our own Wayland Talks Trash event. This event was organized by the Weston Climate Group. They showed The Story of Stuff, then Bob Hoffman, Director of Weston’s DPW, got to explain everything about Weston’s trash and recycling, and answered some really good questions.

Feb. 2, Prescreening of In Transition 2.0. In the early evening, the Senior Center at Wayland Town Building steadily filled up with over fifty people. They had come from near and far to attend the prescreening of In Transition 2.0. The Wayland Town Crier covered this event. Read it here!

January 2012

On Sunday, Jan. 29, we carpooled to Attleboro to watch The Economics of Happiness, screening of which was followed by Kaat being asked lots of question about Transition Wayland and Transition in general, and the exciting possibility that we’ll see several new Transition Initiatives pop up in the Attleboro neighborhood! This was organized by Green Reel, who were so nice to also donate a copy of the movie. So we’ll be showing it in Wayland soon. Thank you, Leo and Green Reel!

On Sun, Jan. 22 we carpooled to Wen’s Walking Home From Walden talk In Newbury, MA. Despite the fact that the Patriots were in the play-offs, 25 people came to listen and ask incisive questions. This was followed by a potluck, where the round-table conversation lasted into the night. Organized by Transition Newburyport

On Friday, Jan. 20, four walkers explored snowy Pod Meadow.

Fri, Jan.20, 6:30pm. Green Sanctuary held a potluck to discuss climate change at First Parish.

On Jan.19, the Sanctuary of First Parish almost filled up with curious people from near and far to hear Dr. Kerry Emanuel speak on climate change for The Walden Forum. Wen Stephenson reports in the Wayland Town Crier, and a reader from Weston comments in the Weston Town Crier.

On Wed. Jan.18, we attended a Timebanking informational session at the Wayland Library and enrolled in this marvelous project. We’re looking into enrolling Transition Wayland as well.

On January 10, 2012, the Wayland library’s Raytheon Room filled to capacity for Pablo Suarez’s presentation on climate change and flooding in Wayland. Transition Wayland played a very small role in this and would like to thank the Wayland Library and the Great Presenters organizers for their hard work bringing new perspectives to our town. Andrea Case reports in the Town Crier.

On Saturday, January 14 three of us carpooled to Bolton for an Awakening the Dreamer workshop, led by Trained facilitators Tom and Kerry Thompson and Tom Hey and organized by Bolton Local.

December 2011

Sat, Dec. 10, 5:30 PM: Earth Connecting with Katy Allen: Full Moon Walk Heard Pond (Park at the end of Heard Road off Pelham Island Road)

November 2011

Nov. 29. Four of us had an amazing mid-morning stroll around the Pod Meadow Conservation area. This is truly a hidden gem. Barbara Howell regaled us with the ecology, biology, botany and history of the place. We counted the trees the beavers took down, then spied on their massive lodge in the middle of the pond.

Nov. 20. Transition Reflection at the Wayland Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration at St. Anne’s Church. Wen and Kaat gave their Transition Talk at this wonderful celebration, attended by some 100 Waylanders.

Nov. 16. Book Club, Ecomind: First Meeting: Nov. 16, 7:30 pm: 6 of us discussed the first three chapters of this book. We admired Lappe’s message of hope and her let’s keep going attitude, which can come out of personal integrity even if all is not going according to plan.

Nov. 8. Monthly Meeting. Eight of us generated so much passion and so many ideas we raised the temperature in the room by more than two degree Celsius! (inside “joke”). Thanks again to Traditions of Wayland for hosting us. Minutes will follow soon.

Nov. 6. Eight people took a walk though Pod Meadow on one of the first Walking Wayland Walks with Katy Allen

October 2011

October was Walk to Worship Month. Transition Wayland and the Wayland Clergy Association are sponsoring the first Walk to Worship Month during October. Throughout the month, Wayland houses of worship will be encouraging members of their communities to walk to their church, synagogue, or mosque, to walk to their neighbor’s house and carpool, or to ride their bicycles to either their neighbor’s house or their house of worship. Contact your house of worship for more information, or email us.

On October 20, Transition Wayland ventured into the city by carpool and train to see two of our heroes, Wendell Berry and Bill McKibben, speak. First we joined at Occupy Boston in Dewey Square, where McKibben asked for our support in the Tar Sands Action (see video here). Then we moved to the First Parish Church in Harvard Square, Cambridge to celebrate Wendell Berry. He received the PEN NE Howard Zinn award. Berry spoke movingly on civil disobedience.

Apple Picking (yes, here in Wayland!) Sunday October 9th, at 2pm. 18 people took a stroll from the Heard Road Parking Lot off Pelham Island Road, through the freshly mowed hay fields, to the Heard Farm Orchard Restoration Project. There Bill Green and Steven Weisman welcomed us with lots of information about the Project, apples and other fruit trees, and orchard care. We also got to pick some apples. The winesap Westinghaus apple was my favorite. Read about it in the Town Crier.

A Transition Sermon. On October 2, Wen and Kaat did the Sunday sermon at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Wayland. A first for us, and for Wayland. A wonderful experience, and we thank Reverend Moser and his congregation for having us, for their rapt attention and for their great questions and thought-provoking comments at coffee hour afterward! You can listen to the sermon here.

September 2011

MOVING PLANET. Wayland to Walden to Boston. WE WERE THERE!. On Saturday, Sept. 24, Wayland was part of a worldwide event, Moving Planet, to get serious about moving beyond fossil fuels and addressing climate change.

Sept. 20 and 21, 9-11 am ART PARTY. We made banners to carry on our walk to Walden and to the Moving Planet rally, and signs to go on sandwich (A-frame) boards at the four big intersections in Wayland.

September 15, 7:30 pm. MONTHLY MEETING! at the Stokey Library on the First Parish campus. Ten of us discussed our own and our town’s resilience in the face of Irene, the need for making banners and billboards for the Moving Planet rally and Wayland Walks to Walden, the big Wayland Walks project that’s coming up, including Walk to Worship. We heard from Wynn and Ashley about Awakening the Dreamer and Sustainable Wayland, partook of Tom’s offering of butterkins, and much more. Thank you, First Parish, for hosting us at such short notice!
Sept. 4, 10-11am: 25 people joined us for a screening of the film “In Transition 1.0” at Wayland’s historic 1815 Meeting House, First Parish Church (Unitarian Universalist).
From the film’s website: “‘In Transition’ is the first detailed film about the Transition movement filmed by those that know it best, those who are making it happen on the ground. The Transition movement is about communities around the world responding to peak oil and climate change with creativity, imagination and humour, and setting about rebuilding their local economies and communities. It is positive, solutions focused, viral and fun.”

August 2011

Saturday August 13, 8 pm: Full Moon Walk at Greenways, Wayland with Rabbi Katy Allen. Meet and park at Greenways parking lot. The walk will end in a field where an 8″ Dobsonian telescope and a visit to the bright side of the moon.

9 people walked in the moonlight and concluded how thrilling it was to see nature at that time of day while feeling safe in a group. Wonderful event!

On 8-12 Aug, 8 am-2 pm the Wayland Green Team is building compost bins at the Claypit and Middle schools to start composting organic lunchroom, snack and kitchen waste. Those who can handle a saw or drill or who can simply provide another pair of hands can help. Bring your tools! To volunteer, email Molly Faulkner.

On 4 August, at 7:30 pm, we held our Monthly Meeting in the Living Room at Traditions of Wayland.

July 2011

Saturday July 23, 3:30 pm, Healing Nature Walk. Meet at 3:30 PM at the Rowan Hill Conservation Area in Wayland. Rabbi Katy Allen of Ma’yan Tikvah – A Wellspring of Hope is offering the first of several nature walks. These guided walks offer an opportunity to connect to the natural world as a way to find strength, healing, and renewal. Meet in the end of Coolidge Road, bring mosquito repellant and water, and dress for the weather. Walk will take place rain or shine. Thundershowers will cancel it. For more information, email Rabbi Katy Allen ro call her at 508-358-5996 .

On 7 July we held our Monthly Meeting.

June 2011

26 June: Treading Water? From Wayland to West Africa, How Climate Change Affects Us All. A dynamic group of mainly Waylanders gathered at the Church of the Holy Spirit to start a conversation Climate Change, facilitated by Wayland residents Pablo Suarez and Janot Mendler de Suarez. We showed a short documentary, “Settled in a Swamp,” about the impact of climate change on people in the West African nation of Senegal, followed by a conversation and interactive game. Check out the pictures, learn more here, and read the article in the Town Crier. If your organization is interested in hosting an event like this, email us.

On June 5, the Wayland Whole Foods is holding a Local Day, complete with a live band, a grill (and lunch), and Wayland’s local organizations, Transition Wayland included! Visit our booth from 11 am – 3 pm. WF is also offering a rain water barrel workshop (which filled up).

May 2011

14 May, 1 pm: Finding the Sacred in Nature: Join Rabbi Katy Allen on Saturday, May 14 at 1 PM for a walk through the woods at the Upper Mill Brook Conservation area. The parking lot is at 107 Concord Road, by Peace Lutheran Church. Katy will offer some activities and questions and ideas for meditation, all designed to help us open our ears and our eyes and our hearts to the natural world, and to help us understand our experience there as sacred, no matter what sacred means to each of us. All are welcome, including children. Thunderstorms will cancel the program, but if it is raining, simply dress for the rain and we will experience a wet world. Dress for the weather no matter what. If you’d like more information, please contact

14 May, 7 pm: The Transition Game meeting: Did you know games are one of the best ways to quickly figure out how to Solve Complex Problems? Would you like to get involved in developing games with Social Impact? How about games that help us to beat energy prices, pollution, water scarcity, or climate change? This group is for you!

On 15 May, we will carpool to Jamaica Plain where the Jamaica Plain Forum has invited Richard Heinberg speak on “The End of Growth: Peak Oil and the Economy of the Future”. 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Let us know if you want to join us: RSVP and invite others via

21-22 May, all day: Training for Transition ! Register now for a weekend packed with information, passion and community. Hurry, these trainings are becoming ever more popular.

April 2011

Sunday 3 April, 2-4 pm — Tina Clarke introduces the Transition Model (library Raytheon Room)

9 April, 2011: Transition Booth at Earth Day Celebration Fair. (DPW, Middle School)

Monday April 11, 6:30-8:30 — An interview with Bill McKibben, followed by a discussion of his book, Eaarth. (Library) Monday April 25, 6:30-8:30 — Donna Kramer Merritt on Climate Change, followed by a Global Warming Café. (Library)

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