Wayland Walks

readposts375thThis project aims to engage people with diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities, and civil and social organizations, in a wide variety of projects to walk, assess, mark and maintain, and make more accessible, Wayland’s public trails and the natural and cultural endowment of our wetland, water and river system, woods and meadows, thereby increasing awareness and enjoyment of our natural resources and helping to shape a generation of stewards that is conscious of that legacy facing a future of climate and development pressures.

We hope to produce a comprehensive map of all of Wayland’s trail networks, which we will present as a 375th anniversary gift, from one generation to the next.

Let’s put ourselves on the map and build community and a deeper sense of place.

Wayland Walks meets monthly. Check the calendar for dates.

Your advice, help and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. Leave a comment below or email us.

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