Treading Water: Climate Change Games Connect the Dots, May 2012. Connect the Dots, May 2012.

Treading Water! From Wayland to West Africa, How Climate Change Affects Us All

This presentation, which incorporates expert opinion, video, games, and a facilitated conversation, is available to any organization or group who would like to host it. Click here for the flyer. Email us if you’re interested and we’ll make it work.

The event was held the first time on 26 June, 2011. Read the announcement in the Wayland Town Crier, 22 June 2011. The program was slightly changed on Tue. Jan.10, 2012, when the Wayland Library Raytheon Room filled to the room (and spilled over in the Children’s Library) for Pablo Suarez presentation for the Great Presenters Series. Pablo was mentioned in a Reuters article recently.

Treading Water 26 June 2011


Great Presenters: Pablo Suarez – Jan.10, 2012


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