Past Event: Why Only a Movement Can Save Us

craigConcordCAN Speaker Series – Climate Solutions: Meeting the Challenge

Special Event with Craig Altemose – “The Climate Crisis: Why Only a Movement Can Save Us”

Friday, October 25, 2013, 7:00 – 9:30PM at First Parish in Concord

Craig Altemose, Executive Director of the Better Future Project, is the inspiring young, activist leader of a strong climate action movement in Massachusetts. He became a climate activist after earning a law degree from Harvard Law School. Practicing law then seemed less compelling to him than climate action. He speaks knowledgeably and passionately about how much deeper the climate crisis is than many people understand; how it profoundly impacts human beings; what kinds of action are most effective; and how we can become part of that action.

More info:

We will carpool to this event. The carpool will leave the Town Building parking lot (in back) at 6:50 pm.

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