Earth Day

Past Event: Two Open Houses

openhouseopenhouseSaturday, 30 April, 9 AM-2 PM: TWO NET-ZERO and LEED Gold Homes in Wayland and Concord

1) OPEN HOUSE: The “Toaster House,” at 17 Waltham Rd. in Wayland was designed and built by Tempietto Homes of Sudbury as part of their “Solar Modern” catalogue. It was a 2012 LEED National Finalist for “New Home of the Year”. It demonstrates the new aesthetic and spatial effects that high performance materials, combined with solar orientation, make available. It was featured in the Wayland “375th Anniversary” to represent the future model for homes of the 21st century and beyond.

2) OPEN HOUSE: In conjunction, Tempietto Homes is also giving tours of their “Firefly” design now being built in Concord at 45 Arrowhead Rd. It uses the same high performance materials and systems, and shows how dynamic floor plans come from the intersection and “twist” of environmental factors and necessities, combined with manmade ones, such as street orientation and views. “Firefly” is a “net-zero” home, and offers a blueprint of how single story living can be exciting, solar, and versatile. You’ll be able to see the materials still exposed, such as “Insulated Concrete Forms” (ICFs), Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), radiant floor heat, thin-film, “triple-pane” windows, and “no maintenance” exteriors.

Both designs demonstrate the extraordinary comfort that high performance materials and solar power bring, and show how all of us individually, and as communities can take positive action ourselves towards achieving an inspired net zero future. You can get a preview of the designs on the website:

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