Postponed: Transition LAUNCH Training

Take the Transition Launch Training in September (precise date TBA – but if you’re interested, let us know and you can help decide the date), in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Transition LAUNCH is the popular fundamentals course packed with imaginative ways to delve … read more

May 13: Time Bank Orientation

Have you ever noticed that people are good at different things? The Time Trade Circle© lets us share our own skills and get help from others who offer things we need.  When you spend an hour helping another member, one hour credit … read more

Part Event: Regional Transition

Transition is local but local fits into (bio)regional!  Join the conversation about Region-Wide Resilience on Saturday, March 15, 2014, from 10am – 4:30pm, at Antioch U in Keene, NH. Many Transitioners recognize our profound interconnection with each other, and our … read more

January Newsletter

The January Newsletter is up! Hello everyone, As another warm front passes over, melting and washing away memories of the record cold, we wish you a happy new year rich in community and resilience! This newsletter is a little different: … read more

Past event: What is Transition Again?

You’be been getting all these emails from us and coming to events, but those only illuminate aspects of what we (want to) do. Want to get a fuller picture? On Wednesday February 12, come to the Wayland Public Library, from … read more

Past Event: Founder Rob Hopkins Talk at Tufts

On October 3, carpool with us to a conversation with Rob Hopkins, founder of the international Transition Towns Movement, to learn how communities across the country and around the world are transforming their economic, energy, and food systems from the … read more