Past Event: Earth Day 2014

EarthDaylogo7blackcomicssOn Sunday, May 4, Wayland celebrated another Earth Day with a SkillFest. Hundreds of residents and neighbors braved the Tunnel of Doom & Gloom, celebrated Earth’s Bounty, learned lots of practical skills, and left a message of hope for the community.

The event was co-organized by Transition Wayland and the Wayland PTO Green Team and these two organizations would like to thank first and foremost the scores of skillful locals who gave up a good part of their Sunday to share their expertise and knowledge with hundreds of their neighbors, young and old. We also want to thank again our sponsors, Whole Foods, Next Step Living, Lynch Tree, Russell’s Garden Center, Pure Pest Control, and Astrum Solar. We are also grateful for the support of town employees Mike Lindeman, John Winkelman and Pat Morris, and for the concordance with the Friends of the Library and their Book Sale, and the Wayland Garden Club and their Plant Sale. We also thank the scores of volunteers who are essential to making an event like this run smoothly, among them the High School students and the students of the High School Green Thumb Club, and Doug Sacra and the Trinitarian Congregational Church for the loan of the tables. We also thank the Happy Hollow 3rd Grade Brownie Troop for the lemonade, Karma Coffee for the coffee and Whole Foods for a wonderful vegan lunch, the proceeds of which they donated to the Wayland PTO Green Team. And last but not least, we thank the Muses for their songs.

click on any of these photos for the full slideshow:
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  • Learn about the Big Eight assaults on the Earth
  • Learn new and old skills in hands-on workshops and demonstrations
  • Balancing action with reflection and information, ways to get involved in activism
  • Help raise funds for the High School Vegetable Garden
  • Visit the Garden Club Plant Sale and the Friends of the Library Book Sale, right next door
  • Enjoy lunch, coffee, tea, and lemonade
  • Watch the premiere of the movie Watermelon Magic for kids of all ages

A SkillFest = Workshops, teach-ins and demonstrations of practical do-it-yourself, take-home skills. If you have a skill that you want to share with your friends and neighbors, let us know! Some teachers may ask a small materials fee.

  • Transition Wayland: Tunnel of Doom & Gloom
  • Green Team fundraiser
  • Watermelon Magic Film
  • Very Volfson: homeopathy, history and remedy-making
  • Katharina Wilkins: home-made sunscreen and cosmetics
  • Charlotte Trim: nutrient-dense growing
  • Alexander Volfson: innoculating mushroom logs
  • Kennth Weiss: seed saving
  • Alexander Volfson: fix your bike
  • Aina Lagor: easy and yummy vegan meals
  • Kelly Megna: fermenting sauerkraut and more
  • Greg Lowenberg: Native plant gardening
  • Wayland Historical Society
  • Greta Stone: knitting, darning, etc.
  • Nyanna Tobin: holistic walking
  • Andy Irwin: good knot tying
  • Gina Poole: trees and tree planting
  • Roger Wiegand: mason bee and bluebird houses
  • Jamie Lahrsen:  water and food storage
  • Lands’ Sake, Weston: worm composting
  • Next Step Living; how to use a Killawatt and assess electricity consumption
  • Margie Lee: pressure cooker cooking
  • Mara Rest: essential oil car freshener made form recycled materials
  • Janet Hadingham: solar screens
  • Pure Pest Solutions: homespun tick control
  • Wayland Fire Detpartment: CPR First Aid
  • Time Trade Circle: time banking
  • CERT safety information table with a display, brochures and information
  • Labyrinth: table with info, art, reference books, finger labyrinths
  • Boy Scouts: compass reading/fire starting
  • Liz Price: solar clothes drier
  • Kids awareness scavenger hunt with Watermelon Magic prizes
  • Wayland Garden Club: plant sale
  • Green Thumb fundraiser for HS garden
  • Wayland’s own Diamond Jubilee carousal organ will provide music

We thank our sponsors




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