8/19: Solar Open Houses!

With all this talk about solar, you might want to see a couple of solar PV and solar hot water arrays in different configurations up close, and talk to system-owners about maintenance and more. Solarize LSW is organizing a Solar Open House Tour in Wayland on Saturday, August 19th.

  • Solar PV and Solar Hot Water. From 1-3 PM, the host will show both her 5 kW solar PV array and Solar Hot Water array with oil furnace backup. She will also show how she charges her LEAF plug-in. 13 Rice Spring Lane in the Happy Hollow neighborhood.
  • Solar PV extension and Electric Heat Pump. From 2-4 PM, the host will explain how she extended her PV array. She had 4 kW installed in 2012 (during the first Solarize round) and then an extra 8.4 kW in 2016. She will also show how the solar PV powers her electric heat pump, and her plug-in Smart. 6 Melville Place, in the Middle School neighborhood.

Check solarizeLSW.org for more info and updates closer to the date. There will be more Solar Open Houses in Lincoln and Sudbury later in August and in September.

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