5/2: MassEnergize Messaging Meeting

On Tuesday, 5/2, at 7:30 PM, the MassEnergize Messaging Sub Group will meet to discuss innovative ways to message our many MassEnergize initiatives.
Location: 60 Shaw Drive, Wayland (drive to end of the street, past the mailbox)
How about the following tangle?
  • Why, if people indicate that they are concerned and even that they are willing to do something about climate change, don’t they?
  • What appeals to people? Comfort and health in their homes, or saving money?
  • Good news: studies show that mentioning climate change is no longer taboo.
  • How do we convince people that there is a solution, that it’s not hard to do… as long as we ALL do it.
Secondly,how to populate our online platform, which will be our primary face to our communities and the place where we track our impacts? The job of building the platform will be done by a specialized party, but we will design content and set goals and parameters.
This group has some serious trailblazing and experimenting to do. Come and give us a hand. All are welcome.

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