Past Event: Energize! meeting

On Monday 2/20, at 7:30 pm, we will have our third meeting of Energize Wayland at Peace Lutheran (107 Concord Road, Wayland).

Transition Wayland is among a wide coalition of groups in Wayland, Lincoln, Sudbury and Natick eager to get going on ENERGIZE 2017,  a broad menu of energy initiatives designed to give everyone in our towns several entry points into energy-efficiency, climate-resiliency and climate action.

One of the main elements of Energize is Solarize, and a separate group is working on applying for the MassCEC Solarize program for solar Photo-Voltaics (we did this with great success in 2012 and hope to exceed that).

There is so much more that anyone can do, and that is what this meeting is about.

We’ll brainstorm more “dishes” for the menu, how best to line them up, and ways to offer them to our communities. If you’re interested in just one aspect, or in the wider picture, or have skills like website or logo design, data representation, etc. please join us. Also forward to potentially interested parties.

An RSVP would be great so we can gauge the size of room we’ll need. Detailed agenda below.

ENERGIZE aims to offer menu of choices, which will

  • raise the community’s vigilance and engagement on climate change and all its consequences, by raising awareness, guiding government policy, building community and empowering to act.
  • offer a varied, comprehensive choice of entry points into energy-efficiency, climate-resiliency and climate action: energy audits, renewable energy, EVs, solar PV, government engagement, education, community infrastructure, and more.

  • offer all stakeholders in our communities several options: residents, municipal stakeholders, businesses, non-profits, schools, condos, and more.

  • engage and unite all actors, organizers and decision-makers in the community: individuals, energy and other town committees, grassroots sustainability & resilience groups, elected officials, municipal actors, town economic development groups and business associations, teachers, and more.

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