Past Event: Transition Wayland Meeting

On Monday, January 16, we will gather at 7:30 PM for a Transition Meeting at the Community United Methodist Church (80 Main Street). The developing agenda follows. We thank the CUMC for letting us meet in their space!

Proposed agenda (so far)

  • Welcome to new members, introductions


  • TW and internet safety: does TW endorse?
  • trash and recycling: some of us are tinkering with a trash – recycling education outreach program. More to come soon. Anyone who is interesting, let us know.
  • The Library has bought the screening right for A Small Good Thing and the screening is booked for Sat. 4/29, which is Earth Day time.

Big ones:

  • Time to rollĀ  out a campaign for the bag and container bans: brainstorm and setĀ  a special meeting for this.
  • Energize: BIG picture (climate change outreach/net zero/Climate Accord town resolution) push.
  • The towns (L,S,W and Natick) are putting their Energize teams together. Ask who around the table wants to be involved in this Big picture push (or part of it)/Energize.
  • TW’s contribution to Energize in Wayland: could be Earth Day 2017?

Connections, networking:

  • New Year’s Letter and possible responses: Kaat
  • Activism at Jean’s (5/15): Andrea, Janot
  • Womens’ March

Quick announcements, end.

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