Minutes – Meeting of 12/13/2016

Minutes – Meeting of 12/13/2016

Kaat = notetaker


Kaat (local!, food, energy, soil carbon sequestration), Aina (internet safety), Katy (spiritual, community, walks), Jenn (climate change & kids), Paul (active in Sierra Club Energy Committee; plastic and polystyrene; grassroots citizen involvement), Margie, Tony (garden), Lisa (statistician, environmental and animal rights, on the WSWQC), Fran (Bahaii, community service, spiritual reshaping of material and social world, can host), Wynn (Citizens Climate Lobby: carbon fee and dividend), Andrea (schools, likes to help out in little ways).

On building on others’ work, Tom Lehrer was quoted:

Let no one else’s work evade your eyes,
Remember why the good Lord made your eyes,
So don’t shade your eyes,
But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize –
Only be sure always to call it please ‘research’.

Plastic bag and Polystyrene Ban: Paul

ban to go in effect Jan 2018, same as Framingham

first need support from boards, committees: BoH first

after submitting (deadline = Jan 15), outreach to address concerns in advance of TM

already  interviewing merchants in town: response has been very positive

ASK: co-petitioner: ask Janot first – contingency: Katy, Margie, then TW as group (no disagreement on that)

Work with Andrea on something like “Clean up our act” on Inauguration Day at HS: kids to take message home

BoH: only one concern: enforcement be too much for them? – not unsurmountable, residents can report


Paul’s larger objective: work with Sierra Club on local-state level engagement in 2017

keep endgame in mind: have 100-200 people in each town call or to show up at meetings, of elected officials and say: this is a voting issue.


Tony: Community Garden plots

meeting in early January before NOFA conference: Doodle for meeting by Tony

to divvy up workshops at conference, divvy up beds, talk about possibility of expanding, composting at the plot

mission statement for garden plot: learning, community, food, fun and beauty

improving soils: soil samples, biochar, carbon sequestration

Tony reminded us of early bird enrollment for NOFA winter conference: big carpool already planned


Katy: Wayland walks

On WCA, also Open Spirit collab


Reintroduce Walk to Worship?

Map: Janot has next step

How to promote kids walking to schools: a train: PTO: Happy Hollow (Kaat will contact)

Andrea would help: combine Rail trail, Earth Day, CleanUp?

walks “passport” with stamps…

Wynn = mapper/tracker for SVT, can liaison

Wayland Walks meeting to discuss all this: Kaat makes Doodle: Kaat, Margie, Aina, Andrea, Wynn


HS Inauguration event: Andrea

Capa, Arts: make suggestions

met with principal: enthusiastic, now going through the Dept heads

lots of ideas!


Energy Committee / Solarize

Kaat explains Energy Committee closer collab: Janot and Kaat liaison through MCAN?

Katy mentions MassCEC interns! > Kaat to relay to Energy Committee

Solarize: Jenn, Aina and Paul want to be part of solar team



Katy spoke eloquently of the need to eliminate silo-ing of organizations

Fran: fighting the foe, what brings us together, shoulder to shoulder?

Fran: devotional aspects: host > Monday afternoons maybe

Kaat to send them a “hello”. Offer help. Tell then what we’re working on. Ask for collab, offer spot in  newsletter and on website

Brainstorm groups:

  • WCA Katy  > change it to Wayland Interfaith Association?
  • Katy: Change Columbus Day > Indigenous Day: seeking Native input
  • Energy Advisory Committee / MCAN: Kaat and Janot liaison through MCAN?
  • First Parish, Green Sanctuary: Andrea, Molly, Janet
  • Other house of worship green groups?
  • Green Team
  • 350MA Metrowest (Sabine)
  • Schools: ask PTO (through Green Team) for climate educ programs
  • Citizens Climate Lobby (Wynn)
  • Mothers Out Front (Regi Hamlen)?
  • Ann’s neighbors group? (Ann)
  • Toxics Action (Linda Segal)?
  • Wayland Library (Rachel Sideman-Kurz, director: Dana) Andrea liaison for book clubs
  • Conservation commission
  • SVT
  • Sierra Club: Paul
  • OARS
  • Riverkeepers
  • Assabet stewardship council: grants
  • Biodiversity for a Livable Climate
  • Pat Conaway: the RIVER = our gem!

Show movies

  • Before the Flood – positive ending, not expensive to screen
  • Age of Consequences – heavy discussion predicted! Ask Sophie Robinson if she could come speak to it
  • A Small Good Thing with library (Rachel working on that)

Data privacy

Aina: crypto party >Aina will send Doodle


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