Donating to Transition Wayland


How it works. We are not a not-for-profit (yet!). We work with a fiscal sponsor who is, namely the New England Grassroots Environmental Foundation (NEGEF).  When you donate, NEGEF gives you a receipt for your taxes, processes the paperwork, then sends us your donation minus 4.5% administrative fees.

Instructions. Click here or on the DONATE image above. It will take you to a secure page. There, under “Program,” select “Other” and in the new box, type “Transition Wayland”.

Why? Why donate to Transition Wayland? In order to participate in what Charles Eisenstein calls the building of “an economy that embodies the principles of gift… to align money with the true expression of our gifts.” Watch Ian MacKenzie’s movie on Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics. It’s twelve minutes well “spent.”


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