Sept. 18: More Than Honey


  • Wednesday 9/18 – 7 – 9 pm – Weston Library

It’s all over the news: Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD. But what is it? So far, it looks like a combination of several agents responsible for the weakening of the bees’ immune defenses: pesticides and the medication used to combat them, varroa mites, new viruses, travelling stress, the sometimes ruthless hand of the beekeeper…

The  BEElieve beekeepers group will show the new US-German documentary More than Honey. This movie reveals surprising insights into the lives of these hardworking creatures and their vital importance for our food production. The interviews with beekeepers and the footage are truly fascinating. It is a movie not to be missed!

Voluntary donations welcome.

If you belong to an organization/group/house of worship/family that wants to show this movie to an audience under 50, contact us and we’ll help you set up a screening, for free.

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