Help us Grow Food Wayland


Planting the Hannah Williams Garden

Get involved in growing food all over town! We are in/directly involved in several food-growing initiatives:

  1. The Hannah Williams Playground Ecological Food Garden: a permaculture garden. More information here.
  2. Two experimental plots at the Community Gardens: permaculture demonstration garden. More information here.
  3. Seed starter and garden support group: a group of friends gardening together, exchanging seeds and seedlings, experience and work.
  4. The BEElieve group is a support group for beekeepers as well as gardeners/orchardists who need pollination or want to grow bee-friendly gardens. More information here.
  5. We also promote our Public School Gardens, maintained by the Wayland Green Team, at Happy Hollow, Claypit Hill and Middle School.

Join us! We are looking for more volunteers to help plan, plant, weed, water and harvest, and more beekeepers and bee friends!


Invented dibble wheel in action in the Community Gardens


Loam delivery at Hannah Williams


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