Past Event: Solarize LSW ends!

Were you thinking you missed the boat on Solarize Mass discounts on solar panels? There is good news: Solarize Mass Lincoln, Sudbury, Wayland announced that the deadline for their Solarize Mass program has been extended to February 28th.

The February 28 deadline is a hard deadline. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the Solarize Mass LSW discount prices on photovoltaics and solar hot water will have to have signed their contract before or on that date. People are therefore advised to get their free site visits scheduled and completed well before then so they will have plenty of time to consider proposals and contracts.

If you are interested in solar hot water, be advised that the State will lower the rebate incentive for that technology sometime in early February. Anyone who is interested in solar hot water is therefore advised to sign up by February 7 in order to receive the best rebates.

To sign up for an assessment and more information on how to participate, residents and small businesses should email the solar coaches (resident volunteers) at with their name and address, and which technology they are interested in. More information can also be found on

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