Past Event: Wayland Cleans Up!

What a great day for a Clean Up! No rain date needed. Read the follow-up article in the Wayland Town Crier here.

We thank all the volunteers (over 80!) and the DPW, especially the Transfer Station people, for making this day a success. At the end of the day the town looks much cleaner already! Let’s keep that up. Studies show that people are more likely to trash a place that’s already trashed. We are interested in your efforts, so let us know if you have a special patch you clean up regularly. We’d love to tell your story.

Here are some images from the 2017 Clean Up.























The yearly Wayland Cleans Up will happen on Sat, 4/15 (with 4/22 as the rain date)!

Just this week, at Town Meeting, we voted for the Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw and the Polystyrene Food Container Bylaw. But there is lots of plastic and polystyrene trash littering our roads and fields. Now that the snow has left (or is leaving) and before the leaves make it harder to get to, let’s Clean it Up!

On 4/15*

You can clean up anywhere that is dear to you and where you know there is trash. Here is a map with identified problem areas. If you know of other troubled areas, you can add a mark with a comment.

You can pick up trash at any time, but between 10 AM to 2 PM there will be two “stations” were you can pick up free black trash bags and transparent bags for recycling:

  • in the parking lot behind the Town Building
  • in the Cochituate Ball field parking lot

You can drop off your “collection” at these stations (before 2 PM), or at the Wayland Transfer Station (484 Boston Post Road), before 4 PM. They will exceptionally let you enter without a sticker, and you will not require the orange PAYT trash bags for the trash.

We ask that you please sort the recyclables from the trash. If you have any questions, please see the attendant at the Transfer Station.

If you come across metals, rubber tires, wood, etc, you can also bring these to the Transfer Station (for the bulk trash) – or you can email us with the location if it is too large, and we’ll sort something out for later.

We also ask that you wear orange (or yellow safety vests). This is for safety, but also so that others will see you. Drivers seeing people visibly clean up trash along the road will get a powerful message. Also, some might join the effort!

Lastly, we ask that you take pictures of trash, of yourselves picking up trash, etc., and send them to us, with your thoughts ( An article in the local media could impact the amount of trash carelessly thrown away.

We also need volunteers to man the bag distribution stations, to help out at the Transfer Station, and later for larger trash pickup. Please email us at

(Wayland Cleans Up was a tradition for many years, but then the main organizer, Cliff Kolovson, could no longer organize it. Last year Transition Wayland took over the organization, with the help of the PTO Green Team and the Wayland Dems.  You can find info on that here.)

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