Survey: SOLARIZE 2017 (?)

Wayland partnered with Lincoln and Sudbury in applying for another round of Solarize, a program sponsored by the Mass. Clean Energy Center that will allow Waylanders to plug into photovoltaic (electricity producing) solar at reduced prices.

We did this in 2012 and exceeded everyone’s expectations with a whopping 74 solar PV systems in Wayland alone. This year, we plan to do even better and to offer everyone several opportunities for energy-efficiency and climate-resiliency. In that spirit, we aim for our solar PV program to also enable condo owners and non-profits to plug in, streamline the process for small business owners, and work with those who can’t have solar on their own property due to shade, roof orientation or other reasons.

If you live or work in Wayland, we invite you to fill out our survey,

  • even if you don’t think solar PV is for you,
  • even if you already have solar PV,
  • because we’d like to offer you other options for renewable energy,
  • and we need your input so we can design the program to meet Wayland’s needs.

Even though the deadline for our MassCEC application has passed,
We are still interested in your feedback
And we can still use it to craft the right program

the link again:

Please also spread the word! Questions? Email Thank you!

Kaat Vander Straeten (for Transition Wayland, and prospective returning solar coach)
Ellen Tohn (for the Wayland Energy Advisory Initiatives Committee)

One comment on “Survey: SOLARIZE 2017 (?)

  1. I am a condo owner with electric heat. My bills exceed $600/mo, 12 months a year. Please bring solar to Wayland!! Thank you.

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