Past Event: TW Meeting

On Monday February 13, Transition Wayland will meet at Peace Lutheran Church (107 Concord Rd). Check back here for a developing agenda.

  • Collect donations for room (Fran)
  • New Library Raytheon Room policy – and what is “political” now?
  • Update on Bag and Container Bans (Paul)
    • Screening Bag It
  • Update on Energize (Kaat and Janot)
    • Solarize
    • TW take on the climate change education part? Cf. the next points:
  • April 22: Scientists’ March on DC – something in Boston? Carpool?
  • Also, putting Science and Earth Day together, local events:
    • – Climate Change Games, etc. focusing on problems AND solutions – tie in with Energize
    • – workshops for people who want to get together to make creative signs – ask Arts Wayland to collab? Ask science teachers to hold class or study hall workshops?
    • – public display of signs (before-during-after Boston march) in the schools and/or town building
    • – car-pooling or caravanning for people/families that want to join Boston march
    • – mini-march around town ‘green’ (triangle at intersection of Rte 20 & 126/27)
    • – stick signs in the ground around the perimeter (like a public art display – might need some sort of permit?) so people can come with their own signs or come join the mini-march and grab a sign of their choice
    • contact high school science teachers and other scientists in town
    • articles in Town Crier by science teachers and/or scientists in town about major scientific contributions that improved health and welfare
    •  one article on the background and purpose of the Science March on April 22
    • another article, if not already included, on the importance of science in solving future challenges including climate change
    • a local activity (science fair?) at the high school on April 22
  • April 29: carpool-bus to Climate Change March in DC, Boston, NYC? with WCA, etc.

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