Past Event: Talk on Resilience to Climate Disruption in Our Communities

dec-2-panelflyer-gren-11-6-16-pptxOn Friday, December 2, at 7 pm, the Concord Area Biodiversity Collaborative (BioCAN) and the First Parish of Concord Environmental Leadership Team invite us for an evening on Building Resilience to Climate Disruption in Our Communities, at First Parish in Concord (20 Lexington Rd).

Introducing YIMBY – YES In My Back Yard!

Record breaking heat, drought, outside water bans, and rare weather events, such as a tornado, are some of the extremes this summer dealt. Will our water supplies and green landscape be restored by normal winter conditions this year or not? Join the Conversation. What can we do in the face of more intense storms and droughts? Lots! Learn about YIMBY.

Local experts will show us how to work with nature to shape the future we want. Alison Field-Juma, OARS, will discuss reconnecting the water cycle, Jim Laurie, Bio4Climate, will explain the process of restoring nature and living machines, and Mark Richardson, Garden in the Woods, will show us how to create sustainable yards and lawns.

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