Past Event: Wild Edible Plants Walk

On Thursday, June 12, 4-6 PM, Russ Cohen will show us all the wild edibles at the Greenways Conservation Area, Green Way. This walk is cCo-sponsored by the Sudbury Valley Trustees.

The Sudbury Valley region is home to more than 100 species of edible wild plants, many of which are more nutritious and/or flavorful than their cultivated counterparts. Join Russ Cohen, foraging expert and author of Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten, on a ramble in and around an SVT property to learn about at least 18 species of edible wild plants. Keys to the identification of each species will be provided, along with information on edible portions, seasons of availability, and preparation methods, as well as guidelines for safe and environmentally responsible foraging.

Registration is required: click here to sign up through Sudbury Valley Trustees.

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