Past Event: Woodcock Walk

On April 22, Join Wayland Walks Michele Grzenda, Weston Conservation Agent for an evening walk to see the woodcocks in their mating dance. The walk is open to all ages and will take place at Greenways Conservation Area, Green Way in Wayland on Tuesday, April 22, from 6:45-8:30.

From late March to late April, male American Woodcocks (also known as Timberdoodles) put on remarkable courtship displays. “After a series of nasal “peent” calls, the male springs into the air and begins to spiral upward, often to nearly 300 feet above ground. Then, pouring out a liquid song of whistles and chips, he zigzags his way to the ground like a falling leaf, often landing at almost the exact point of takeoff”.

Enjoy a beautiful spring sunset while listening and watching for the incredible woodcock flight at Greenway Reservation in Wayland. Using audio, photographs, and a reading from ‘Sand County Almanac’, Michele Grzenda will discuss the habitat requirements and unique mating dance of the American Woodcock. We will hike approximately a mile from the parking lot to get to the woodcock display area. Michele will point out plant and animal species along the way. Donation requested: $5-10.

(Greenways Conservation Area was purchased in 1995 by Sudbury Valley Trustees and the Town of Wayland, with the assistance of the Mass. Department of Environmental Management.). Click here for a trail map.

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