TW Receives NEGEF Matching Grant

We have always said “we’re grassroots and dirt poor.” No longer! We are honored to receive a $1000 matching grant from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund. Please help us match it by donating using the button on the right

This money will be used to purchase some much-needed materials such as a table and a banner, as well some printed materials. We’ll also have more freedom now to buy screening rights for movies, and to send our members to trainings as well as to attract trainings.

NEGEF grants

NEGEF is both a Funders/Activists’ Collaborative and a Community Network Builder. Their mission: to energize and nurture long-term civic engagement in local initiatives that create and maintain healthy, just, safe and environmentally sustainable communities.

Since 1996, the Grassroots Fund has funded 1,500+ community groups with more than 2,300 grants in over 55% of New England’s cities and towns.NEGEF’s grant programs have invested a total of $4,500,000 directly in the grassroots. Each dot on the map to the right represents a story of community volunteers working together to take on an opportunity or challenge in their neighborhood. These grants are typically between $500 and $3,500, and are delivered through two region-wide small grants program:

  • Seed grants are quick project-focused grants dedicated to help volunteer groups launch and build their newly evolving projects.
  • Grow grants are competitive group development grants dedicated to help established groups increase capacity, collaborate, and leverage impact.


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